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Akesa IT offers a comprehensive suite of IT security solutions specifically built to meet the needs of SMEs and to help with fortifying your digital assets against cyber threats that are becoming more pervasive and sophisticated than ever.

Automated Phishing Defence

Phishing, a commonly used tactic, practiced by cybercriminals, seeks to infiltrate your organisation through cunningly disguised emails harbouring ransomware, fileless malware, and other digital malware. These deceptive messages often impersonate trusted figures such as managers, coworkers, or business associates, aiming to deceive employees into inadvertently activating malware or granting unauthorized access. The fallout includes perilous consequences like Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), credential theft, ransomware attacks, and more. Even stalwarts like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 sometimes falter in filtering out these sophisticated threats.

Akesa IT is able proactively guard against and mitigate these threats by means of AI driven identification and prevention, as well as visible identification, education and warnings to users.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

The ominous spectre of advanced threats looms large, with as many as 77% managing to evade the vigilant gaze of even the most up-to-date antivirus products. Akesa IT provides a suite of cloud-based EDR and security solutions tailored to ensure your business is protected.

Hosted Firewall

Akesa IT extends its commitment to comprehensive IT security with our Hosted Firewall services. These virtual fortresses act as a formidable barrier between your network and potential threats, meticulously inspecting and filtering incoming and outgoing traffic. Our hosted firewall solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of SMEs, providing a vigilant shield against unauthorised access, malware, and other cyber threats.

By leveraging the latest advancements in firewall technologies, Akesa IT ensures that your network remains secure and resilient. Our Hosted Firewalls offer cost effective real-time threat detection, intrusion prevention, and granular control over network access, fortifying your digital assets against evolving cyber risks. As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, our hosted firewall solutions stand as a crucial line of defence, preventing unauthorised access, and ensuring the integrity of your data.

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