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Akesa IT is here to help you navigate the complex world of the cloud, and to assist with unlocking the multiple efficiencies and advantages that it has to offer. We offer an extensive range of cloud solutions, from backup solutions to hosted servers and services and can structure bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that your business is not only well-connected but also fortified and empowered with the latest technologies.

Custom Hosted Solutions

Akesa IT has extensive experience in helping SMEs migrate from either local (on premises) or other cloud platforms to our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions. Akesa will build a project plan that results in the absolute minimum downtime possible and works around your specific requirements. Our teams are available on site and remotely and migrations can be seamlessly managed over weekends to ensure no disruption is caused to operations in the process.

Microsoft 365

Web Hosting

Akesa IT’s Cloud Solutions are the cornerstone of your organisation’s digital transformation journey. We empower you to embrace the future with a friendly and supportive approach to hosting and cloud services, ensuring that your business remains agile, connected, and fortified with cutting-edge technologies.

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