Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Businesses are completely reliant on their IT infrastructure for almost everything these days and as a result, any downtime can be catastrophic. Akesa IT specialises in providing reliable solutions with high levels of redundancy and disaster recovery built in to help protect your data and ensure minimal disruption to productivity.


We have a vast array of industry leading backup solutions available to meet your needs and can offer complete solutions for your on and off-site backups. Akesa will help to assess your specific needs and will tailor a cost-effective, highly secure backup solution for you.

Local Backups

We are able to set up local backups over your network. We offer fully redundant solutions that utilise multiple systems as well as multiple drives and devices to ensure a multi-layered approach to backup redundancy.

Cloud Backups

A local backup is just not enough to guarantee complete peace of mind, with unreliable drives and theft proving a real threat to your data. We have partnered with industry leading local and international providers to offer a complete cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

Our innovative BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solution is both cost-effective and feature packed and allows for servers or computers to be virtualised in the cloud almost immediately. This allows us to restore services within minutes, while initiating the permanent recovery and restoration onsite, and brings downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum.


Ransomware has become one of the biggest threats to data security and has proved incredibly elusive for anti-virus providers. While we make every effort to prevent ransomware, we also recommend a robust backup solution that is safe from the devastating, far-reaching effects of ransomware. Our backup solutions come with solutions specifically put in place to protect your data from Ransomware.

Data Recovery

Have you lost critical information or suffered from a hard drive crash without a backup? We have in house data recovery specialists and we operate a no data, no charge policy.


You will be provided with a full detailed diagnosis of your hard drive as well as an estimated price for recovery.

No-Data, No-Charge Policy

If we are unable to recover any data, there would be no charges associated with the attempted recovery.

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